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Trophy in Brawl Stars - Guide

A Brawler’s journey through the ranks of Brawl Stars is marked by their trophy count, which reflects their progress in the game. Every Brawl result impacts their trophy count, which in turn determines their Brawler’s rank. A player’s total trophy count is the sum of all their Brawlers’ individual trophy counts. If a Brawler is ranked high, losing a match will result in more trophy loss and winning a match will earn them fewer trophies. Players are rewarded with 10 Tokens each time a Brawler ranks up, making trophy hunting even more exciting. Keep climbing the ranks and collecting those trophies to become the ultimate Brawl Stars champion!


Trophies are the coveted reward for competing in Trophy Events in Brawl Stars. Winning a match or surviving long enough in Showdown can earn a player Trophies, while losing a match or being defeated early can result in a loss of Trophies. The Trophies earned or lost are attributed to the specific Brawler used during that match, and each Brawler has its own individual trophy count. It is not possible to earn Trophies for a Brawler while playing as a different one. The number of Trophies gained or lost in a match is dependent on the individual trophy count of the Brawler being used, making it crucial to carefully consider which Brawler to use in each match. Keep playing and earning those Trophies to climb the ranks and become a Brawl Stars legend!

Underdog System

In Brawl Stars, players may experience situations where they gain more Trophies than expected or lose fewer Trophies than usual. This is due to the Underdog System, which is exclusive to 3v3 modes. The Underdog System is triggered if either of the following conditions are met:

– You are matched with two other players who are on a team together and have a difference of 200+ Trophies between their individual Brawler Trophies.

– You are matched against an enemy team whose average Brawler Trophies are 200+ Trophies higher than your team’s.

If the Underdog System is activated, players will receive 4 extra Trophies for a victory and lose 3 fewer Trophies for a loss. A yellow banner displaying “Underdog” will appear at the beginning and end of the match to notify players of the activation. If the Play Again button is used, the Underdog System will be deactivated. Keep an eye out for the Underdog System and take advantage of the extra Trophies to climb the ranks in Brawl Stars!


The individual ranking of a Brawler is determined by its Trophy count. Whenever a Brawler advances to the next Rank, 10 Tokens are granted as a reward. Once a Rank is achieved, the Brawler cannot be demoted to a lower Rank, so each Brawler can only achieve a Rank once and receive the Token reward once. However, if a Brawler’s Trophy count falls below the required Trophy range for that Rank, the Trophy count will be lowered to the previous Trophy range.

As players climb higher Ranks, they will lose more Trophies for losing a match and gain fewer Trophies for a win. At lower Ranks, a Brawler will gain more Trophies for a victory than the number of Trophies they would lose for a defeat. As a Brawler ascends to higher Ranks, this dynamic reverses; the Brawler will earn fewer Trophies for winning than the Trophies they would lose for a loss. Consequently, increasing the Trophy count becomes increasingly challenging as more Trophies are accumulated. Moreover, the number of Trophies required to advance from one Rank to another increases as Ranks become higher, making it more challenging to rank up at higher Ranks. Rank 35 is the highest achievable Rank. The rank symbol changes color every time a Brawler advances by five Ranks.

Trophy Road

The only way to earn rewards is by achieving specific total Trophy milestones for the first time. These rewards comprise Clubs, Token Doublers, access to New Events, additional Spray Slots, Power Points, Credits, Coins, and Quests.

Furthermore, once a player reaches a certain number of Trophies, they will receive a Profile Icon as an additional reward.


The Trophy season starts and ends on the first Monday of every other month. When the season ends, any Brawler holding over 500 Trophies will lose some of their Trophies above that number. Furthermore, players receive Star Points in proportion to their total Trophy count, so having more Trophies translates into more significant rewards.


Every Brawler has its own unique leaderboard, which ranks players based on the number of Trophies held with that specific Brawler, both nationally and globally. Additionally, there are overall leaderboards that rank players worldwide and nationally based on the total number of Trophies held across all of their Brawlers. These leaderboards can be accessed by tapping the menu button located in the top-right corner of the main screen and selecting “Leaderboards.”


Understanding which Brawlers perform best in each game mode is crucial, as the outcome of a match often depends on the Brawlers that each team has. Choosing the right Brawler for a specific event can lead to a significant increase in Trophies after just a few matches, whereas using a weaker Brawler may result in a losing streak even when playing well.

When struggling with a new Brawler, camping within bushes during a Showdown match is an effective way to quickly accumulate Trophies. Avoid any conflict and wait until only a few Brawlers remain. It is important to note that this strategy will not work with Brawlers such as throwers or Brawlers with delayed damage, as it gives the enemy a better chance to eliminate you instead.

When attempting to increase your total Trophy count, it is advisable to focus on lower-rank Brawlers as they are typically easier to gain Trophies with.

Playing with a team can improve the chances of winning matches, as it allows players to plan and test various strategies with friends or clubmates.