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Coins in Brawl Stars - Guide-min

Brawl Stars’ virtual economy uses Coins as an in-game currency, which players can acquire through a variety of methods. These include completing challenges on the Trophy Road, reaching new tiers in the Brawl Pass, and fulfilling Quests. Players can also purchase Coins from the in-game Shop using Gems, obtain them from the Club Shop, or even receive them as a free bonus through the Daily Deals section. Coins are incredibly useful, as they can be used to unlock Daily Deals and upgrade Brawlers. Furthermore, players can also use Coins to purchase Gadgets, Star Powers, Gears, and even exclusive True Silver and True Gold Skins for specific Brawlers available in the Shop. With a wise investment of Coins, players can greatly enhance their gameplay experience in Brawl Stars.

Daily Deals

In Brawl Stars, Coins can be exchanged for Power Points through the Daily Deals section of the in-game Shop. The exchange rate for Power Points is 2 Coins per point. In addition to Power Points, Coins can also be used to purchase Gadgets and Star Powers for Brawlers who have reached level 7 and 9, respectively. The cost for Gadgets and Star Powers is 1000 and 2000 Coins, respectively. As for Gears, Super Rare Gears are priced at 1000 Coins, Epic Gears at 1500 Coins, and Mythic Gears at 2000 Coins per gear. These valuable in-game items can help players to upgrade and enhance their Brawlers, making them more formidable on the battlefield. With careful management of their Coins, players can strategically invest in the items they need to take their gameplay to the next level.

Brawler Upgrades

In Brawl Stars, Coins are primarily used for Brawler upgrades. Players can use Coins to level up their Brawlers once they have accumulated enough Power Points. This allows players to advance their Brawler up to level 11, unlocking new abilities and increasing their overall power on the battlefield. By accumulating Coins and using them strategically to upgrade their Brawlers, players can gain a significant advantage over their opponents in matches. With careful planning and a bit of luck, players can create a formidable lineup of upgraded Brawlers that are sure to dominate the competition.


Brawl Stars players can purchase Coins in the in-game Shop using Gems. The amount of Coins that players can receive per Gem depends on the size of the Coin pack they choose to purchase. Larger Coin packs offer a greater number of Coins per Gem, providing players with a more cost-effective way to boost their in-game currency. Whether players choose to purchase Coins with Gems or earn them through gameplay, careful management of this valuable resource can help them to unlock new items, upgrade their Brawlers, and dominate the competition in the world of Brawl Stars.

True Skins

Brawl Stars offers exclusive skins called True Skins that can be purchased with Coins. These skins come in two types: True Gold and True Silver, with the latter required to be bought before players can purchase the former. True Skins become available periodically in the skin section of the in-game Shop, but players must first have their Brawlers at a minimum Power Level of 9 to be eligible to buy them. As of now, True Silver skins cost 10,000 Coins each, while True Gold skins cost 25,000 Coins each. With these highly sought-after skins, players can make their favorite Brawlers stand out on the battlefield and show off their accomplishments to other players.

Coin Shower Event

At specific times or once a month, players can participate in a Coin Shower event in Brawl Stars. During the event, players earn one Coin for every Token they earn. If a player has a Token Doubler active, the bonus Coins are also doubled, resulting in twice the amount of Coins earned. However, it’s important to note that the Coin Shower event does not apply to Quest rewards. By participating in these events, players can quickly amass Coins and further improve their Brawlers to dominate the arena.