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Barley Brawl Stars Guide


Rarity: Rare

Class: Thrower

Movement speed: 720

Gadget charges: 3

Barley Guide

Barley is a Rare Brawler who attacks by throwing a bottle of harmful liquid that covers a small area on the ground, dealing damage to enemies in that area over time. His Super fires five similar bottles which cover a greater area and persist for a longer time. He has rather low health but has a lot of damage potential. His Gadget, Sticky Syrup Mixer, creates a sticky puddle around himself, slowing enemies down. His first Star Power, Medical Use, heals himself for 400 health when he throws his bottle, but not with his Super. His second Star Power, Extra Noxious, adds 140 damage per second to his main attack. You can unlock Barley and his wizard skin for free by linking your game to your Supercell ID.

Game Description

Barley attacks by lobbing bottles at enemies, doing splash damage. His Super is a huge barrage of burning bottles!

Brawler Skills

Attack – Undiluted

Barley lobs a bottle, breaking it on the ground. Enemies take damage from the splash, and more damage over time if they stay in the puddle.

Super – Last Call

Barley hurls a flurry of fiery bottles, covering a huge area in flames. This one’s on the house!

Barley – Gadget

Sticky Syrup Mixer

Barley drops a sticky concoction that leaves a puddle, slowing down all enemies that makes contact with it.

Barley – Star Powers

Medical Use

Barley regains 400 health from each attack.

Extra Noxious

Adds +140 damage per second to Barley’s attack.