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Star Points - Brawl Stars - Guide

Star Points in Brawl Stars serve as a form of currency that players can acquire by reaching specific rankings with any of their Brawlers, or by reaching certain milestones at the end of each Trophy League or Power League season, as well as completing various challenges. These Star Points are highly sought-after and can be exchanged for exclusive skins that are not available for purchase with Gems or any other form of in-app currency. While Gems can be bought using real money, Star Points are entirely earned through gameplay achievements and challenges. Thus, mastering Brawl Stars becomes even more rewarding with the acquisition of Star Points.


After the end of each Trophy season, Brawlers who have amassed more than 500 Trophies will lose some of their hard-earned Trophies during the season reset. However, in exchange for the lost Trophies, players will be rewarded with Star Points, which can be used to purchase exclusive items and skins in the game.

In addition to the season reset, players can also earn Star Points by achieving certain ranks for their Brawlers. These ranks include Rank 10, which awards 100 Star Points, Rank 15, which awards 200 Star Points, Rank 20, which awards 300 Star Points, Rank 25, which awards 400 Star Points, Rank 30, which awards 500 Star Points, and Rank 35, which awards 600 Star Points.

Star Points can also be earned by playing Power League. At the end of the Power League season, which is different from the Trophy League season, players are awarded Star Points based on the highest league they reached during that season.

Finally, Star Points can also be earned by participating in Brawl Stars Championship Challenges and other special challenges, where players can earn them as a reward for winning certain stages. All in all, Star Points serve as a valuable currency in Brawl Stars and are highly sought after by players looking to customize their gameplay experience.

Brawl Boxes

Previously, Brawl Boxes were available for purchase in the shop every other week, with two types of boxes on offer: Mega Boxes and Big Boxes. While Mega Boxes provided more value per Star Point spent, players were only able to purchase each deal once. Once bought, the deals were no longer available, and players had to wait for the next arrival of Brawl Boxes. It’s worth noting that these deals did not replace the Star Skin deals, which refreshed daily.

For those interested, the cost of each box offer was as follows:

Big Box: 500 Star Points
Mega Box: 1500 Star Points
2x Mega Box: 3000 Star Points
However, in the December 2022 update, Brawl Boxes were removed from the shop and from the game entirely. This meant that players were no longer able to purchase Brawl Boxes using Star Points. While this change may have disappointed some players, it has likely paved the way for new and exciting updates to the game in the future.

Star Skins

Star Points serve as a valuable currency in Brawl Stars and can be used to purchase a variety of exclusive items and skins, including Star Skins. The cost of these Star Skins ranges anywhere from 500 Star Points to 50,000 Star Points, depending on the rarity and popularity of the skin.

Players can also unlock Power League skins by completing special Power League quests, which then become available for purchase with Star Points. However, it’s important to note that each Power League season has an exclusive Star Skin that can only be unlocked during that season. If not unlocked during the season, the skin cannot be purchased at any time in the future.

Power League Star Skins are priced at 25,000 Star Points each, and like other skins, they regularly rotate in the Shop if the player has unlocked the corresponding Brawler and completed the Power League quest. With a wide variety of Star Skins available, players can use their Star Points to customize their gameplay experience and stand out on the battlefield.