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Darryl Brawl Stars Guide


Rarity: Super Rare

Class: Heavyweight

Movement speed: 770

Gadget charges: 3

Darryl Guide

Darryl is a Super Rare Brawler with a high amount of health. He wields two double barrel shotguns that can deal a lot of damage the closer he is to his target. His Super allows him to quickly escape enemies or get closer to them as well as damage any enemies that he rolls into. His first Star Power, Steel Hoops, gives him a shield when he uses his Super that reduces the damage he takes by 90% for 0.9 seconds and his second Star Power, Rolling Reload, doubles his reload speed after he uses his Super for 5 seconds.

Game Description

Darryl has a powerful double-shotgun attack. His Super move is a reckless roll inside his bouncy barrel!

Brawler Skills

Attack – Double Deuce

Darryl’s double barrel shotguns fire two staggered blasts of heavy close-range damage.

Super – Barrel Roll

Darryl rolls forward inside his barrel, knocking back enemies and bouncing off walls. His Super recharges over time!

Darryl – Gadget

Recoiling Rotator

Darryl spins around and sprays a barrage of shots in all directions. Each shot deals 400 damage and recharges his Super by 25% if it hits enemies!

Darryl – Star Powers

Steel Hoops

Darryl’s Super reinforces his barrel, reducing all damage he takes by 90% for 0.9 seconds.

Rolling Reload

When Darryl uses his Super, he doubles his reload speed for 5.0 seconds.