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Tokens in Brawl Stars - Guide

Tokens are the in-game currency of Brawl Stars, which can be earned by playing any game mode, and are also given out during new events. These tokens play a crucial role in advancing through the Brawl Pass tiers. Additionally, players can opt to purchase Token Doublers in exchange for Gems, which doubles the amount of Tokens earned from playing matches. Don’t miss out on these valuable resources to progress further in the game and increase your chances of success!


1) Whenever a new Event comes into rotation, players receive 5 Tokens by tapping on an Event Slot.

2) Similarly, a Special Event Slot rewards players with 50 Tokens upon tapping when a new Special Event begins.

3) Players can earn up to 30 Tokens a day by voting for Candidates of the Day maps; each vote rewards them with 10 Tokens.

4) The amount of Tokens awarded upon completion of a Brawl Event depends on the player’s performance during the match, with Winner of the Day maps utilizing this system.

5) When a Brawler gains a new rank, players earn 10 Tokens each time.

6) Likewise, gaining an Experience level awards players with 20 Tokens each time.

7) Quests present a sizable opportunity to earn Tokens, with completion yielding 100, 200, 250, 500, or even 1000 Tokens based on the size of the quest. Don’t overlook these valuable sources of Tokens to progress your gameplay!

Token Limit

Players are limited in the number of Tokens they can earn at once, with a maximum cap of 200 Tokens. Every 2 hours and 24 minutes (equivalent to 24 hours divided by 10), 20 Tokens are automatically added to the Token Counter. Once this limit is reached, no further Tokens can be earned until some are spent or the time limit passes.

In the absence of Tokens, players can still earn Trophies and Experience points through gameplay. Other sources of Tokens, such as completing Quests, ranking up a Brawler, or gaining an Experience level, still award Tokens regardless of the Token Counter status. Be sure to keep an eye on your Token Counter and use your Tokens wisely to advance your progress in Brawl Stars.

Token Doublers

To boost your Token earnings in Brawl Stars, you can purchase Token Doublers from the shop for 40 Gems each. These boosters double the amount of Tokens earned in the next 1,000 Tokens received after any match. Occasionally, Token Doublers may be offered for free in the shop or as rewards on the Trophy Road. However, it’s important to note that Token Doublers do not impact Quest rewards.

In the past, Token Doublers were also obtainable from Brawl Boxes with a 3% drop rate. These boosters came in various sizes, ranging from 200 to 800 Tokens. However, as of the December 2022 update, Brawl Boxes have been indefinitely removed from the game. So, if you’re looking to maximize your Token earnings, be sure to take advantage of Token Doublers while they’re still available!


In Brawl Stars, Tokens are essential for progressing through the Brawl Pass and unlocking more rewards. Each tier of the Brawl Pass requires a certain amount of Tokens, ranging from 75 to 600 Tokens. By advancing through the tiers, you can earn various rewards such as Coins, Gems, Credits, Chroma Credits, Power Points, and even new Brawlers with exclusive Skins.

So, be sure to save up your Tokens and use them wisely to unlock the best rewards in the Brawl Pass!

Star Tokens

Star Tokens used to be a unique type of Token rewarded to players for winning an Event for the first time in a rotation, which meant that a Star Token was available every time the maps changed. These tokens could be used to obtain Big Boxes, and once a player had 10 Star Tokens, they could earn one Big Box.

To earn a Star Token from Solo Showdown, players had to place in the top 4, while in Duo Showdown, they had to place in the top 2. Big Game, Robo Rumble, and Boss Fight awarded Star Tokens regardless of the player’s result. However, Star Tokens could not be earned in Power Play.

Unfortunately, in the May 2020 update, Star Tokens were permanently removed from the game.

Double Token Event

Once per month, a Double Token event takes place in Brawl Stars. During this event, Tokens earned are doubled, regardless of whether or not Token Doublers are used (Token Doublers are applied after the doubling, resulting in a net gain of 4x Tokens). However, this event only applies to Tokens earned from gameplay and does not affect Quest rewards or Tokens earned from voting in the Candidates of the Day maps.