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Power Points are collectible items in Brawl Stars that players can acquire through various means, such as advancing through the Trophy Road, purchasing them in the in-game Shop or Club Shop, completing Challenges and Quests, or obtaining them through the Brawl Pass. These Power Points are essential for upgrading Brawlers, as accumulating enough points allows players to level up their characters using Coins. The higher the Power Level, the more Power Points and Coins are required to upgrade. Players can hold up to a maximum of 4000 Power Points, so it’s important to strategically use them to achieve the best upgrades for your Brawlers. With careful management of your Power Points, you can boost your gameplay and dominate the competition in Brawl Stars.

Brawler Upgrades

In Brawl Stars, Power Points are primarily obtainable through the Brawl Pass, but they can also be purchased from the Club Shop. The Brawl Pass is a particularly good source of Power Points, as it contains large quantities of them. It’s worth noting that the rarity of a Brawler does not affect how Power Points are collected for it.

The normal in-game Shop also offers a daily reward called the Daily Freebie, which may sometimes include Power Points. Additionally, some rewards along the Trophy Road and Brawl Pass tiers also offer Power Points. These rewards are available in packs of varying sizes, ranging from 25 to 240 Power Points. By taking advantage of these various methods of obtaining Power Points, players can upgrade their Brawlers and gain a competitive edge in the game.


Players in Brawl Stars can use Power Points to upgrade their Brawlers to higher Levels, up to a maximum of Level 11. Each Level increase boosts a Brawler’s health and damage by a flat 5%. For example, a Level 5 Brawler has 20% more health and deals 20% more damage than a Level 1 Brawler.

Once a player has accumulated 4000 Power Points, any additional Power Points earned from the Trophy Road or Brawl Pass before reaching Tier 70 will not be collected. However, any excess Power Points purchased from the Club Shop or obtained from other sources, such as the Shop, Challenges, Quests, or Brawl Pass after reaching Tier 70, will automatically be converted to Coins at a rate of 2 Coins per 1 Power Point. This means that the more Brawlers players have upgraded to the max Level, the more Coins they will receive when collecting Power Points.

Players can equip a Gadget to a Brawler after it has been upgraded to Power Level 7. Gadgets can be purchased for 1000 Coins in the Gadget menu.

Star Powers become available to equip once a Brawler has been upgraded to Power Level 9. Star Powers can be purchased for 2000 Coins in the Star Power menu.

There are two Gear Slots available to equip Gears, with the first slot unlocking at Power Level 10, and the second slot unlocking at Power Level 11. Gears can be purchased in the Gear menu and the cost of each Gear varies based on its rarity: Super Rare Gears cost 1000 Coins, Epic Gears cost 1500 Coins, and Mythic Gears cost 2000 Coins. With these upgrade options available to players, they can further customize their Brawlers to fit their preferred playstyle and gain an advantage in the game.