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Carl Brawl Stars Guide


Rarity: Super Rare

Class: Fighter

Movement speed: 720 (1440)

Gadget charges: 3

Carl Guide

Carl is a Super Rare Brawler. He has moderate health and a high damage output. He is notable because when he attacks, he throws his pickaxe like a boomerang, damaging any enemy that it hits while flying forward or on the way back, like a boomerang. Carl cannot attack again until his pickaxe comes back. His Super allows him to spin and move much quicker, dealing damage to anyone he hits. His first Star Power, Power Throw, allows his pickaxe to move faster, effectively decreasing his “reload” time, and his second Star Power, Protective Pirouette, reduces all damage he takes by 30% while his Super is active.

Game Description

Carl throws his Pickaxe like a boomerang. His Super is a crazy cart spin that clobbers anyone around him.

Brawler Skills

Attack – Pickaxe

Carl throws his Pickaxe like a boomerang. After he catches the returning Pickaxe, he can throw it again.

Super – Tailspin

Carl goes into a crazy spin for a few seconds, flailing around and damaging nearby opponents.

Carl – Gadget

Heat Ejector

Carl drops a trail of hot rocks behind his cart! The rocks deal 300 damage per second to enemies who step on them.

Carl – Star Powers

Power Throw

Carl throws his Pickaxe with 13% more speed, allowing it to travel faster and return faster.

Protective Pirouette

During Carl’s Super, all damage he receives is reduced by 30%.