Mastering Brawl Stars: A Beginner’s Guide

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  Mastering Brawl Stars: A Beginner’s Guide




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Brawl Stars Guide

Brawl Stars is a multiplayer mobile game that has taken the world by storm. It’s a fast-paced game that requires strategy, teamwork, and skill to succeed. In this comprehensive guide, we will be taking you through the basics of Brawl Stars, including the gameplay mechanics, controls, and tips that will help you dominate the game.


To control your Brawler’s movements in the game, simply drag your finger across the left side of the screen to adjust the virtual joystick. The direction that you move the joystick will determine where your Brawler moves. If you want to attack, you can drag your finger on the right side of the screen to adjust the Attack joystick. This will allow you to aim your attack before releasing your finger to launch it.

If you want to perform a quick-fire attack, simply tap the Attack joystick. Your Brawler will automatically fire at the nearest target, or at the closest object that can be damaged, such as Power Cube Boxes or Players, if there are no targets within range. If you change your mind about launching an attack, you can cancel it by moving the Attack joystick back to its center.

Each Brawler has a powerful Super ability that can be charged up by hitting enemy Brawlers. Once the Super is fully charged, you can activate it by using the yellow joystick located on the right side of the screen, below the Attack joystick. This joystick allows you to aim your Super attack in any direction. Alternatively, you can tap the joystick to perform an automatic Super attack at the nearest target. Like with regular attacks, you can cancel a charged Super by moving the joystick back to its center.

In the game settings, you can adjust the positions of the controls on the screen to your preference.

Your Brawler’s status is displayed through two or three bars located above its head. The top bar shows the remaining health of your Brawler. Whenever your Brawler takes damage, its health will decrease, and if it reaches zero, your Brawler will be defeated. If your Brawler does not take damage or attack for 3 seconds, its health will start to regenerate at a rate of 13% of its maximum health. The second bar shows how many attacks your Brawler has ready. Most Brawlers can have up to three attacks prepared at once, and each attack uses up one full segment. Attacks will regenerate automatically over time. A third bar may be present at the bottom, indicating the duration of a Gadget or the charge of a Star Power. This bar will appear yellow when partially filled and maroon when fully charged.

Brawlers can have up to two Gadgets and two Star Powers. Gadgets are active abilities that can be unlocked for a Brawler after reaching at least Power Level 7. Each Gadget has 3 uses and a cooldown of 5 seconds between uses. Unless otherwise specified, using a Gadget will not charge up a Brawler’s Super, nor will it reveal Brawlers hidden in bushes.

Star Powers are passive abilities that can be unlocked for a Brawler after reaching at least Power Level 9. Unlike Gadgets, Star Powers do not require a button to activate, have no cooldown, and can be used indefinitely. However, only Star Powers that deal damage, heal Brawlers, or raise a Brawler’s maximum health will reveal hidden Brawlers in bushes.

Gears are passive abilities that can be unlocked for a Brawler after reaching at least Power Level 10. Each Brawler has its own set of Gears that are locked until Power Level 11 is reached. At that point, a Brawler can equip two Gears at a time.

Some Brawlers also have a Trait, which is a passive ability that is active on all Brawlers with that Trait, regardless of their Power Level.


Brawl Stars is a multiplayer mobile game that offers a variety of events for players to engage in. The Brawl tab is where battles are started, and there are 8 main event types that players can choose from. Each event has its own unique objective, and players can earn tokens from their token bank by playing matches. Tokens are used to progress on the Brawl Pass, which unlocks rewards as players level up.

Players can claim 5 free tokens by tapping on the event slot when a new event begins. If a new special event is in rotation, players can claim 50 tokens instead. The token bank can hold up to 200 tokens at a time, and tokens are replenished every 2 hours and 24 minutes, capped at 200.

In addition to the normal events, a special event opens every weekend in the fourth event slot. These events are not ranked and do not affect a player’s trophy count, but they award a great amount of tokens in the form of quests. The special event can be either Big Game, Robo Rumble or Boss Fight. With so many event types and opportunities to earn tokens, Brawl Stars offers endless hours of fun and entertainment for players of all skill levels.


In Brawl Stars, Clubs serve as social groups for players to chat and play matches together. They can be created or joined through the Social tab, and each Club can have up to 30 members. A Club’s Trophy score is calculated by adding up the individual Trophy counts of its members, and Clubs have their own leaderboards based on these scores.

Within a Club, players can hold different positions: Member, Senior, Vice President, or President. Members have no special privileges, while Seniors can share Club invites, accept join requests, and kick Members. Vice Presidents have Senior rights, as well as the ability to change Club settings, send Club mail, and promote and kick Seniors. Finally, the Club President has all of the Vice President’s rights, and can also promote and kick Vice Presidents. Only one player can be the Club President, and if they promote a Vice President to President, they automatically become a Vice President.

In an effort to prevent inactivity, the Club Presidency is automatically rotated after the current President has been inactive for at least 14 days.

Club Games is a competitive mode in Brawl Stars that centers around Clubs, offering a unique way for Clubs to compete against one another.


Understand the importance of each Brawler’s role in a match. For example, El Primo is great for absorbing damage and protecting other Brawlers on his team, while Brock excels in providing long-range support. It’s crucial to choose the right Brawler for the job.

Be aware of the speed at which your Brawler’s attacks travel. If your Brawler has a slow attack speed, you’ll need to aim ahead of your moving target, or you’ll miss your shots.

Know when to withdraw from a battle. Brawlers heal when they’re not being hit or firing. If you’re running low on health, consider taking cover to regenerate, but be careful not to give your opponent the same opportunity.

Attempt to dodge incoming attacks. While close-range attacks are difficult to dodge, you can avoid long-range projectiles such as Brock’s rocket by using appropriate strafing techniques. One of the most common techniques is to walk sideways and turn as soon as you see a ranged attack heading your way. This will cause the enemy’s attack to miss since they’re likely aiming ahead.

Brawler’s hitboxes, which are the areas where attacks can hit and deal damage, are shown by the ring around their feet, not the Brawler itself. This ring is roughly the same size for each Brawler, with a few exceptions like Pam, 8-BIT, Sandy, Meg’s Mecha, and all of the tanks, which have a slightly larger hitbox.

A Brawler’s hitbox is a little larger than one block of cover. If you want to stay entirely safe, hide behind two blocks.