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Gene Brawl Stars Guide


Rarity: Mythic

Class: Support

Movement speed: 720

Gadget charges: 2

Gene Guide

Gene is a Mythic Brawler who has a moderate amount of health and uses a magic lamp to cast his attacks. His attack can do high damage to a single enemy or less damage to multiple enemies. Gene’s Super grabs an enemy and drags them to Gene’s location. His Gadget, Lamp Blowout, pushes back all nearby enemies while healing him. His first Star Power, Magic Puffs, slightly heals his allies for every second they are near him. His second Star Power, Spirit Slap, increases the damage of his main attack when his Super is fully charged.

Game Description

Gene uses his magic lamp to shoot a splitting projectile. His super is a magical hand that grabs and pulls enemies close!

Brawler Skills

Attack – Smoke Blast

Gene shoots a solid ball of magical smoke from his lamp. If the ball doesn’t hit a target, it splits up and spreads the damage in a cone.

Super – Magic Hand

Gene launches a magical hand from his lamp. If the hand hits an enemy, they get pulled back to Gene’s location!

Gene – Gadget

Lamp Blowout

All enemies close to Gene are instantly pushed back. Gene also restores 700 health.

Gene – Star Powers

Magic Puffs

Gene heals all friendly Brawlers around him for 400 health per second.

Spirit Slap

When Gene’s Super is fully charged he does +300 damage with his attack.