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Gale Brawl Stars Guide


Rarity: Chromatic

Class: Support

Movement speed: 720

Gadget charges: 3

Gale Guide

Gale is a Chromatic Brawler who can be unlocked as a Brawl Pass Reward at Tier 30 from Tara’s Bazaar Season or from Brawl Boxes. He has a moderate amount of health but low damage, but can still provide great amounts of utility. Gale uses a snow blaster to fire waves of damaging snowballs. With his Super, Gale can create a wide and long-range gust of wind that can push back enemies. His Gadget, Spring Ejector, spawns a launch pad beneath himself that can launch allies and enemies alike to spring across the map. His first Star Power, Blustery Blow, causes enemies who are pushed back into walls to become stunned. His second Star Power, Second Wind, grants a temporary speed boost to any allies who are in the path of his Super.

Game Description

Gale is a tireless handyman who gets no rest. With his blower, he blasts foes with a wide shot of wind and snow, while his Super pushes them back with a forceful blizzard!

Brawler Skills

Attack – Polar Vortex

Gale blasts a large snow ball wall at his enemies!

Super – Gale Force!

Gale delivers an almighty gust of wind and snow, pushing back all enemies caught in its path.

Gale – Gadget

Spring Ejector

Gale drops a bounce pad underfoot, launching friend and foe alike into the air.

Gale – Star Powers

Blustery Blow

Gale’s Super now stuns enemies that are pushed against obstacles from his Super.

Second Wind

Gale provides a speed boost to teammates that are caught in the path of his Super.