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Brawl Stars Guide

In the February 2023 update, Mastery replaced Experience as a feature in Brawl Stars. To earn Mastery Points, players must win battles. Unlike Experience, Mastery Points cannot be lost, and they are only awarded for victories. Each Brawler has its own Mastery Point count, and players receive 20% extra Mastery Points if their Brawler is the “Star Player” of a 3v3 match. As Brawlers level up in Mastery, players receive a variety of rewards, including Coins, Power Points, Credits or Chroma Credits, Facepalm Pins, secondary Brawler Profile Icons, or Titles.


To earn Mastery Points in Brawl Stars, players must win in Trophy Events, Power League, or Club League. However, these points cannot be obtained through Map Maker matches, Challenges, or Friendly Battles. The amount of Mastery Points a Brawler receives depends on their Trophy range during matches, as well as their rank in Power League or Club League.

Players can earn a maximum of 6,000 Mastery Points each day.