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Dynamike Brawl Stars Guide


Rarity: Common

Class: Thrower

Movement speed: 720

Gadget charges: 3

Dynamike Guide

Dynamike is a Common Brawler who is unlocked as a Trophy Road reward upon reaching 2000 Trophies. He has low health and high damage output. He attacks by throwing sticks of dynamite that blow up and deal damage in a small radius. When he uses his Super, he throws a large barrel bomb that does very high damage in a large radius around it and knocks back enemy Brawlers when it detonates. The dynamite and the barrel bomb can both be thrown over walls. His first Star Power, Dyna-Jump, enables him to use his dynamite’s explosion to jump over walls and Brawlers while doing damage. His second Star Power, Demolition, adds 1000 damage to his Super.

Game Description

Dynamike lobs two explosive sticks of dynamite. His Super attack is a whole barrel full of dynamite that blows up cover!

Brawler Skills

Attack – Short Fuse

Mike tosses two sticks of dynamite, passing over any obstacles in the way. The fuses are cut as short as Mike’s explosive temper!

Super – Big Barrel o’ Boom

A big-bada-barrel of dynamite blows up cover. Any surviving enemies get knocked back on impact!

Dynamike – Gadget

Fidget Spinner

Dynamike spins furiously and throws multiple sticks of dynamite around himself. Each dynamite deals 700 damage to enemies.

Dynamike – Star Powers


Dynamike can ride the blast wave of his explosives to jump over obstacles!


Adds +1000 damage to Mike’s Super.