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Clan Boss Mechanics Description

One of the interesting and useful locations in the game Raid: Shadow Legends is the battle with the clan boss. As usually happens in this kind of games, the clan boss has such power and strength that it can be defeated only through the joint efforts of all members of the clan, where each clan member contributes to the damage done. Naturally, the more damage a player’s team can cause to a clan boss, the more valuable he is in the clan. The player’s reward also depends on the damage done, which we will discuss below.

In order to participate in the battle with the clan boss, firstly, you must be part of a clan, and secondly, you must have the so-called Clan Boss Key. If the player has zero or one key, then an additional one will be generated within six hours. If you use the keys in time, then in a day you can participate in the battle with the clan boss four times. Keys can also be purchased at the Shop for 100 gems, received for participating in various Events and Tournaments, and also received as rewards from developers, for example, after technical work or on the occasion of a holiday.

There are 6 types of clan bosses in Raid: Shadow Legends . Depending on the mode of their complexity, they received names – Easy, Normal, Hard, Brutal, Nightmare and Ultra-Nightmare. Each boss of the next complexity is available only when defeating the previous one. That is, if, by the common efforts of clan members, the Easy Clan Boss is destroyed, then in all subsequent days the Normal Clan Boss will be available to all members of the clan, and if they defeat the Normal, the Hard will open, etc. All bosses destroyed by the clan restore their health the next day. Each clan boss at the initial stage has the Void affinity, which changes to a random affinity (Magic, Spirit or Force) after losing 50% of his health.


According to the results of the gaming day, each member of the clan who caused one or more bosses the corresponding damage receives a Clan Boss Chest as a reward. If the clan boss has been destroyed, the player receives two chests. The Clan Boss resets at 10:00 UTC every day.

There are currently 12 types of clan boss chests in the game. In chests, depending on their type, you can get Gems, Shards, unique artifacts, silver and books. Moreover, artifacts fall out of the sets of Ruthlessness and Immortality and the battle with the clan boss is the only place in the game where you can get such sets. Moreover, in the chests you can find artifacts from the sets of Cruel and Immortal, and the battle with the clan boss is the only place in the game where you can get such sets.

Clan Boss Guide

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