How to get a legendary champion in Raid: Shadow Legends?

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Преподобная - гайд Raid Shadow Legends

There are five grades of champion rarity in Raid: Shadow Legends: Common, Uncommon, Rare, Epic, and Legendary. Naturally, legendary champions are considered the strongest in the game. This is due to both their high basic parameters and various skills that are enhanced by Artifacts and Talents. But before we look at how to get legendary and epic champions, please note that some rare champions can be much more useful in various locations than epic and even legendary champions. For example, these champions include: Coldheart, Apothecary, Bellower many others.

How to get Legendary and Epic champions

The main way to add to the collection of champions in the game is by opening shards. The odds of summoning a Champion of a certain Rarity depends on the type of Shard. Every Champion of the same Rarity has an equal chance of being summoned, except when Targeted Champion Boosts are active. For example, an Ancient Shard has an 8% chance of summoning an Epic Champion, and a Legendary one – 0.5%. A Sacred Shard has an 94% chance of summoning an Epic Champion, and a Legendary one – 6%.

But besides opening shards, the game provides several other ways to obtain legendary and epic champions.

Daily Login Rewards

Shaman – Day 7.

Jizoh – Day 14.

High Khatun – Day 30.

Yaga the Insatiable – Day 60.

Dark Athel – Day 90.

Dark Elhain – Day 120.

Lordly Legionary – Day 150.

Scyl of the Drakes – Day 150.

Tainix Hateflower – Day 210.

Grush the Mangler – Day 240.

Visix the Unbowed – Day 270.

Usually, when the bulk of the players picks up the last champion for a game visit, the developer adds new champions as additional rewards in the following days.

Completing missions

After completing the last mission in the game, the player receives the legendary champion Arbiter as a reward. The path to it is long, but getting it means the player’s transition to a completely different level of playing skill.


There are two types of Champion Fusions in Raid: Shadow Legends. The first – “Eternal” – is always available to the player in the Portal, in the Fusion tab. The second type – “Temporary” – occurs at different intervals and is announced by the developer. In the “Eternal” fusion, you can get such epic champions as the Relikeeper and Broadmaw, as well as the legendary champion – Rhazin Scarhide.

It should be noted here that with an eternal and a temporary merge, even if you do not have enough opportunity to get the main champion, you can get intermediate epics.

Как получить легендарного героя в Raid Shadow Legends

Fragment Summon

Champion Fragments allows you to summon specific Champions once you’ve collected enough Fragments.

Usually, fragments can be obtained during special events and tournaments, but fragments of one champion – Drexthar Bloodtwin – can be bought in the bazaar in the Tag Team Arena section.

How to get a Legendary champion in other ways

So, we looked at ways how to guarantee five legendary champions – Scyl of the Drakes, Visix the Unbowed, Rhazin Scarhide, Arbiter and Drexthar Bloodtwin. Now let’s look at ways to get other legendary champions.

Collecting shards and open at x2

The game often features events that are simply called x2. This means that the chances of summoning Epic and Legendary champions from certain shards are doubled. Therefore, many players do not open their shards immediately after receiving, but collect them and open them only for this event.

This event should not be confused with the x10 event, where the odds are often the same and only the chances of summoning certain champions are increased. All these events often take place on weekends.


Occasionally, some Epic and Legendary Champions are rewarded for winning tournaments.


We in no way urge players to donate to the game, but it is obvious that pouring money into the game and getting legendary champions is directly proportional.

Wait and Believe

Sooner or later, each player gets a legendary champion from the shards, this is most likely due to the internal algorithms of the game and the principles of player retention. Therefore, it rarely happens that a player is left without a legendary champion after three or four game months.

Good luck getting cool legendary heroes!