Block Cooldown Skills

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Блок небазовых навыков штраф в Raid shadow Legends

Block Cooldown Skills


Total Block Cooldown Skills Debuff Champions: 24

Based on:

Block Cooldown Skills Debuff Description

Prevents the Champion with debuff from using Active Skills other than their Default Skill for the duration of the debuff. Skill Cooldown of the affected Champion refreshes as normal.

When you select a champion for a team to apply the Block Cooldown Skills debuff, as well as to apply other debuffs, you should:
1) pay attention to the chance of the champion applying this debuff (indicated in the description of the skill);

2) select champions of stronger elements in order to exclude Weak blows (in which debuffs do not work);

3) increase the accuracy parameter of the champion.

Champion list with this debuff