Poison Debuff

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Дебафф Яда штраф в Raid Shadow Legends

Poison Debuff Overview

Types: 2.5% / 5%

Total Poison Debuff Champions: 45

Based on: Enemy MAX HP

Poison Debuff Description

RAID: Shadow Legends – Poison Skill allows a Champion to apply Poison Buff on 1 or more enemy Champions, so they take DoT (Damage over Time) whenever they start their turn. The Poison damage is inflicted based on ENEMY MAX HP. However, if an enemy Champion has Shield Buff with Poison Debuff, the Poison damage will reduce the Shield first before HP (Hit Points aka Life). This skill is excellent against enemies that has vast amount of HP especially enemies and bosses in Dungeons and Clan Boss. There are 2 versions of Poison debuff (2.5% and 5%). The first Poison debuff reduces enemy’s HP by 2.5% of Enemy MAX HP while the second Poison debuff reduces enemy’s HP by 5% of Enemy MAX HP.

When you select a champion for a team to apply the Poison debuff, as well as to apply other debuffs, you should:
1) pay attention to the chance of the champion applying this debuff (indicated in the description of the skill);

2) select champions of stronger elements in order to exclude Weak blows (in which debuffs do not work);

3) increase the accuracy parameter of the champion.

Champion list with this debuff