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Jean Guide - Genshin Impact


Type: Playable character.
Rarity: ★★★★★.
Vision (Element): Anemo.
Weapon: Sword.
Birthday: March 14th.
Affiliation: Knights of Favonius.
Constellation: Leo Minor.
Non-combat talent: When a Perfect Cooking is achieved on a dish with restorative effects, there is a 12% chance to obtain double the product.


Game description


Combat Talents

Favonius Bladework - Talent - Jean - Genshin Impact
Normal Attack: Favonius Bladework.
Normal Attack: Performs up to 5 consecutive strikes.
Charged Attack: Consumes a certain amount of stamina to launch an enemy using the power of wind. Launched enemies will slowly fall to the ground.
Gale Blade - Talent - Jean - Genshin Impact
Gale Blade.
Focusing the might of the formless wind around her blade, Jean releases a miniature storm, launching enemies in the direction she aims at, dealing massive Anemo DMG.
Hold: At the cost of continued stamina consumption, Jean can command the whirlwind to pull surrounding enemies towards her front. Direction can be adjusted. Character is immobile during skill duration.
Dandelion Breeze - Talent - Jean - Genshin Impact
Dandelion Breeze.
Calling upon the wind’s protection, Jean creates a swirling Dandelion Field, launching surrounding enemies and causing Anemo DMG. At the same time, she instantly regenerates a large amount of HP for nearby allied units and all party members. HP restored scale off Jean’s ATK.
Dandelion Field: Continuosuly regenerates HP for one ally and imbues them with the Anemo attributes. Deals Anemo DMG to enemies entering or exiting the Field.

Passive Talents

Wind Companion - Talent - Jean - Genshin Impact
Wind Companion.
Hits by Jean’s Normal Attacks have a 50% chance to regenerate HP equal to 15% of Jean’s ATK for all party members.
Let the Wind Lead - Talent - Jean - Genshin Impact
Let the Wind Lead.
Using Dandelion Breeze will regenerate 20% of its Energy.
Guiding Breeze - Talent - Jean - Genshin Impact
Guiding Breeze.
When a Perfect Cooking is achieved on a dish with restorative effects, there is a 12% chance to obtain double the product.


Spiraling Tempest - Jean - Genshin Impact
Spiraling Tempest.
Increases the pulling speed of Gale Blade after holding for more than 1s, and increases the DMG dealt by 40%.
Peoples Aegis - Jean - Genshin Impact
People’s Aegis.
When Jean picks up an Elemental Orb/Particle, all party members have their Movement SPD and ATK SPD increased by 15% for 15s.
When the West Wind Arises - Jean - Genshin Impact
When the West Wind Arises.
Increases the level of Dandelion Breeze by 3. The maximum upgrade level is 15.
Lands of Dandelion - Jean - Genshin Impact
Lands of Dandelion.
Within the Field created by Dandelion Breeze, all enemies have their Anemo RES decreased by 40%.
Outbursting Gust - Jean - Genshin Impact
Outbursting Gust.
Increases the level of Gale Blade by 3. The maximum upgrade level is 15.
Lions Fang Fair Protector of Mondstadt - Jean - Genshin Impact
Lion’s Fang, Fair Protector of Mondstadt.
Incoming DMG is decreased by 35% within the Field created by Dandelion Breeze. Upon leaving the Dandelion Field, this effect lasts for 3 attacks or 10s.