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Common enemies in Genshin Impact - Knowledge Base

While exploring the open world, as well as in Domains and Spiral Abyss, players are likely to come across Common Enemies. These enemies have a chance to drop Character and Weapon Enhancement Materials, but only on occasion. Defeating them will always yield some amount of Mora, but typically in small quantities and won’t provide much Character EXP.


Game description

Элитные враги:

Анемо гипостазис

Гео гипостазис

Электро гипостазис

Крио папоротник


Пиро орхидея

Витая бездна


Июльские сады

Сад Сесилии

Лабиринт Ляншань

Долина воспоминаний

Владения Гу Юнь

Скрытый дворец Ву Ван

Чистая вода и горная пещера

Забытый каньон