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Progression in Genshin Impact

As with any other game, the main goal in Genshin Impact is to progress through and complete various types of gameplay content. While a player may not need high-level characters to progress through the story, constantly strengthening their team of heroes, upgrading weapons, discovering interesting combinations, and more is necessary to complete Elite Bosses, Domains, and the Spiral Abyss. In this article, we will explore how to progress properly in the game and what to pay special attention to.

Leveling Up Characters

Leveling up characters is a crucial aspect of progression in Genshin Impact. Your characters’ levels determine their strength and abilities, making it essential to prioritize character leveling as you progress through the game.

To obtain experience points (XP) for your characters, you can complete quests, defeat enemies, and open chests throughout Teyvat. The amount of XP you earn varies depending on the difficulty of the task you completed. For example, defeating a higher-level enemy rewards more XP than a lower-level enemy.

To level up your characters efficiently, it’s essential to focus on tasks that offer the most XP. Daily commissions and Ley Line Outcrops are excellent sources of XP and are easily repeatable. Ley Line Outcrops offer significant amounts of XP and valuable upgrade materials as well.

Another way to maximize character progression is to focus on a few characters rather than trying to level up all of them at once. It’s better to have a few highly leveled characters than many under-leveled ones. Prioritize leveling up your main damage dealers first, as they will be the ones dealing the most damage in battles.

It’s also important to use your resources wisely. Save your XP books for characters that you will use frequently and avoid wasting them on characters that you don’t plan on using. It’s also a good idea to level up your characters evenly, rather than focusing solely on one or two characters, as this will ensure that you have a balanced team.

Upgrading Gear

Upgrading your weapons and artifacts is an essential aspect of progression in Genshin Impact. It not only increases your characters’ strength but also unlocks new abilities, making it crucial to prioritize gear upgrading as you progress through the game.

To upgrade weapons and artifacts, you need to obtain upgrade materials. These can be found by defeating enemies, opening chests, and completing quests throughout Teyvat. Each material corresponds to a specific level of upgrade, with higher levels requiring rarer materials.

To maximize gear progression, it’s important to focus on upgrading the weapons and artifacts that your main characters use the most. It’s also crucial to use your upgrade materials wisely, as they can be scarce, especially at higher levels. Avoid wasting your upgrade materials on weapons and artifacts that you won’t use frequently, as this will slow down your progression.

It’s also important to note that upgrading weapons and artifacts isn’t the only way to improve your gear. Enhancing your weapons and artifacts with enhancement ores can also increase their stats. Enhancement ores can be obtained by using regular weapons and artifacts as materials, making them a valuable resource for improving your gear.

Finally, it’s crucial to prioritize upgrading your weapons before your artifacts. Weapons provide a more significant boost to your characters’ strength, while artifacts provide more specialized benefits. Therefore, it’s better to have a few powerful weapons than many weaker ones.

Upgrading Gear

Upgrading weapons and artifacts is an important part of progressing in Genshin Impact. As you explore Teyvat, you’ll come across many challenges that require you to have the best gear possible. That’s why upgrading your weapons and artifacts is essential to make sure your characters are strong enough to face any challenge that comes their way.

To upgrade your gear, you need to use upgrade materials that you can obtain from various sources, such as defeating enemies, opening chests, or completing quests. These materials come in different rarities and are required to upgrade weapons and artifacts to higher levels.

When upgrading your gear, it’s essential to focus on your main characters and the weapons and artifacts that they use the most. That way, you can ensure that your characters are as strong as possible, and you won’t waste your resources on gear that you won’t use. You should also consider enhancing your gear with enhancement ores, which you can obtain by using lower-level weapons or artifacts as materials.

It’s important to keep in mind that upgrading gear requires a significant amount of resources and planning. You’ll need to decide which weapons and artifacts you want to prioritize, which materials you should focus on obtaining, and when to use your resources most effectively. If you’re not sure where to start, consider looking up guides or seeking advice from other players in the community.


Questing is a crucial part of Genshin Impact’s gameplay, as it not only drives the story forward but also provides opportunities to earn rewards and experience. There are many different types of quests in Genshin Impact, ranging from story quests to daily commissions, and each one offers unique challenges and rewards.

Story quests are the main quests in Genshin Impact, and they usually involve advancing the game’s main storyline. They often require completing specific tasks, such as defeating bosses or finding specific items, and offer significant rewards such as valuable items and experience.

Daily commissions are quests that reset every day and provide a reliable source of rewards for players. These quests are relatively simple and usually involve tasks like defeating enemies or delivering items, but they provide a consistent stream of rewards that can help players level up their characters and gear.

Exploration quests are quests that require players to explore specific areas of the game world and find hidden items or solve puzzles. These quests can be challenging but offer some of the best rewards in the game, such as rare weapons and artifacts.

In addition to these types of quests, there are also many other types of quests in Genshin Impact, including world quests, reputation quests, and event quests. Each type of quest offers unique challenges and rewards, and completing them can provide a significant boost to your character’s progression.

To make the most out of questing in Genshin Impact, it’s important to prioritize the quests that offer the best rewards and experience, and to make sure you’re adequately prepared for the challenges they present. You should also consider joining a community or finding a group of players to help you complete more challenging quests and earn even greater rewards.

In conclusion, questing is a vital aspect of Genshin Impact’s gameplay, and completing quests is an excellent way to progress your character’s story and increase their strength. By focusing on the types of quests that offer the best rewards and experience, you can level up your characters and gear efficiently and enjoy all that Teyvat has to offer.