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Trainer guide stoneage world


Trainers have the following stats.

Base Stats

HP. HP decreases when attacked in battle.
Attack. Increases damage as ATK increases.
DEF. Decreases damage dealt as DEF increases.
Agility. Impacts the Pattern’s attack order in battle.

Superb Stats

Hit. Increases success rate of the attacked.
EVA. EVA increases when attacked.
Critical Hit. Increases Critical Rate.
Ignore Critical Hit. Decreases Critical Rate.
Counter. Chance to Counter 1 time when attacked.
Ignore Counter. Decreases Counter Chance.
Reflect. Increases damage Reflect Chance to the target.
Ignore Reflect. Decreases Reflect Chance and Reflect Damage.
Ignore Abnormal Status. Decreases the chance to receive status effects.
Abnormal Status. Increases the success rate of the status effects.
Heal Effect. Increases heal skill effects.
Critical Hit Effect. Increases Critical Hit damage.
Counter Effect. Increases Counter damage.
Reflect Effect. Increases Reflect damage.

Stat Distribution

– Obtain 1 Stat Point on every Trainer Level Up.

– Stats can be increased by using Stat Points.

– Use Recommended Stats to distribute the Points easily.

– You can reset after distributing the Stats. Return all distributed points upon reset.

How to reset stats stoneage world

Trade Stats

Use Stat Fruit to obtain 1 Stat Point.

How to trade stat stoneage world

Lineup Guide

Place the pets you want to take into battle in your lineup. Pets that have not been placed can’t participate in the battle.

– Up to 5 pets can be placed in each battle, and only 1 pet of each family cen participate. Mount Pet excluded.

– Tap pets to change their position or replace them.

– Easily set a lineup with Auto Place.

How to lineup pets stoneage world


Pet stats can be enhanced by equipping a Totem.

– 1 Totem can be equipped per placement spot.

– Tap the Totem to equip or remove it.

– Up to 50 totems can be summoned per day.

Summoning Totems

1. 3 Free Summons every day.
2. Shells are consumed from the 4th summon onwards.
3. Summon up to 50 times a day.

5th Summon: 2★ – 3★ Totem Guaranteed
10th, 20th Summon: 3★ Totem Guaranteed
30th, 40th, 50th Summon: 3★ – 5★ Totem Guaranteed

Mount Guide

You can ride a mountable Pet for a set duration.

Each Pet has a unique Mount skill.

You ride for a limited time, but you can use Shells to extend the mount duration.


Win in battle while mounted to get Mounting XP.

– Use a Mounting Training Tool to acquire additional Mounting XP.

– Complete the Mounting Test upon reaching max Mounting level to expand your level.

– The Mounting Test must be accepted from Sub Quest.

– Mounting Points can be used to level up Mounting skills.


Equipment enchancement can increase stats.

– Enchancement available from 2★ Rare or higher equipment.

– Equipment’s main stat increases on every enchancement.

– Enhancement requires Shells and Equipment Enhance Stones.


Level up equipment Mastery and improve Stats.

– Each equipment’s Mastery can be leveled up using Stones and a Mastery Certificate.

– Base Stats increase when Mastery increases.

– Weapon skills can be leveled up using Stones and Skill Enhance Stones.

– Trainer Skill level up.

Craft Equipment

You can craft equipment using crafting materials and Equipment Designs.

– Equipment Crafting Requirements: Equipment Design/Material/Shell and 1 participating pet.

– Crafting will not make the pet disappear.

– When crafting is successful, you will craft a piece of equipment with a grade based on the luck points.


– Luck points increase when a recommended pet participates.

– The more materials you add, the higher the Luck Points will increase.

– The higher the grade of the materials used, the higher the Luck Points will increase.

– You can increase the Luck Points with Fortune Grandpa’s fortune every day.

How to craft equipment stoneage world