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Jahra guide idle heroes


Faction: Shadow

Role: Mage

Jahra Review and Abilities


Evil Infestation – Deals [235% of Attack] damage against 4 random enemies and poisons them for 2 rounds dealing [100% of Attack] damage each round, meanwhile has a 20% chance to either freeze or petrify the targets for 2 rounds.

Jahra’s Temptation III – Basic Attack targets 2 random enemies dealing [120% of Attack] damage and steals 15% of Attack for 3 rounds.

Shadow Of Night III – Increases attack by 20%, Crit by 25%, and HP by 20%.

Guardian Spirit III – When taking Skill Damage has a 50% chance to heal self for [200% of Attack] HP and has a 50% chance to increase self Energy by 30.

Jahra Guide