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Horus guide idle heroes


Faction: Shadow

Role: Warrior

Horus Review and Abilities


Torment of Flesh and Soul – Deals [206% of Attack] damage against 3 random enemies, bleeds them for [100% of Attack] damage per round for 3 rounds. If the enemy is on the frontline, deals an extra [15% of enemy’s MAX HP] damage (the damage capped by 1500% of Horus’ Attack); if the enemy is on the backline, deals an extra guaranteed [108% of Attack] Crit Strike Damage.

Corrupted Rebirth – Increases HP by 40%, Attack by 30%, Armor Break by 40%, Block by 60%.

Descending Raven – Whenever a hero casts active skill, Horus gains 3% Attack, 3% Control Immune, 1% Crit Damage

Crimson Contract – When successfully block an attack, deals [20% of Current HP(the damage capped by 1000% of Horus’s Attack)] damage against the attacker, heals self for 10% of the damage.

Horus Guide