Blood Blade

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Blood Blade guide idle heroes

Blood Blade

Faction: Shadow

Role: Assassin

Blood Blade Review and Abilities


Exotic Blade. Active. Deals (148% of Attack) damage against 3 random enemies and (46% of Attack) extra damage each round for 3 rounds. If the target is Ranger, then increase extra damage by (62% of Attack) each round. Heal self for (170% of Attack) HP. Cannot be dodged.

Rain Blood. Passive. Each attack has a 100% chance to bleed the target, dealing (45% of Attack) damage each round for 4 rounds and gainst +16.8% Armor Break for 4 rounds.

Carnage Heart. Passive. Increases Hit by 25%, Attack by 30% and Armor Break by 32%, dealing extra (70% of Attack) damage on bleeding foes.

Life Drain. Passive. Whenever an enemy Hero dies, heals self for (160% of Attack) HP.

Blood Blade Guide