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Rae - Raid Shadow Legends Guide

Rae Champion

Faction: Dark Elves
Rarity: Legendary
Role: Attack
Affinity: Magic
Tomes: 12 (A1, A2, A3)

Total Stats (★★★★★★)

Health Points (HP): 15,195
Attack (ATK): 1,343
Defense (DEF): 1,222
Speed (SPD): 98
Critical Rate (C. Rate): 15%
Critical Damage (C. DMG): 63%
Debuff Resistance (RESIST): 40
Debuff Accuracy (ACC): 0

Rae Review

Rae is a legendary champion from the Dark Elves faction in the Raid: Shadow Legends, with Magic affinity, and Attack role. She has three active skills and Aura, which increases Ally SPD in Dungeons by 33%. She needs 12 tomes to improve all of her skills.

Rae Champion Mechanics

Damage dealing

Makes a massive attack (AoE) from all three skills (A1, A2, A3).


Don’t have the ability to place buffs on himself and allies.


A1. Has a Decrease DEF (60%) debuff with 30% (50%) chance for 2 turns.
A3. Has a Freeze debuff with 50% (70%) chance for 1 turns.

Other skills

A2. Inflicts 50% more damage against targets under debuffs.
A3. Removes all buffs from all enemies.


Increases Ally SPD in Dungeons by 33%.

Description of skills in the game

Corrode. Attacks all enemies. Has a 30% chance of placing a 60% [Decrease DEF] debuff for 2 turns.
Damage based on: [ATK].
Level 2: Damage +5%.
Level 3: Damage +5%.
Level 4: Damage +10%.
Level 5: Buff/Debuff Chance +10%.
Level 6: Buff/Debuff Chance +10%.

Arcane Wave. Attacks all enemies. Inflicts 50% more damage against targets under debuffs.
Damage based on: [ATK].
Cooldown: 4 turns.
Level 2: Damage +5%.
Level 3: Damage +10%.
Level 4: Damage +15%.

Banish. Attacks all enemies. Removes all buffs. Has a 50% chance of placing a [Freeze] debuff for 1 turn.
Damage based on: [ATK].
Cooldown: 7 turns.
Level 2: Damage +10%.
Level 3: Buff/Debuff Chance +10%.
Level 4: Buff/Debuff Chance +10%.
Level 5: Cooldown -1.

Aura. Increases Ally SPD in Dungeons by 33%.

Rae Best Gears

Equipment Stat Priority

Attack%, Critical Rate, Critical Damage, Speed, Accuracy

Main stats on artifacts

Weapon – Attack.
Helmet – HP.
Shield – Defense.
Gauntlets – Critical Rate.
Chestplate – Attack%.
Boots – Speed.
Ring – Attack.
Amulet – Critical Damage.
Banner – Accuracy.


Arena, Campaign, Faction Wars. 2 Offense Set, 1 Speed Set.

Clan Boss, Dungeons. 1 Lifesteal Set, 1 Speed Set.

Rae Masteries Guide

Arena, Campaign, Faction Wars

Rae Masteries Arena

Rae Champion Tips

1) Has three skills with an AoE attack, this allows her to effectively raise the level of allies in the Campaign.

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