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Azure Guide - Raid Shadow Legends

Azure Overview

Faction: Banner Lords
Rarity: Epic
Affinity: Void
Type: HP

Total Stats (★★★★★★)

Health Points: 19,320
Attack: 958
Defense: 1,057
Speed: 87
Critical Rate: 15%
Critical Damage: 50%
Debuff Resistance: 45
Debuff Accuracy: 0

Azure Description

Azure is an epic champion from the Banner Lords faction, with Void affinity and HP role. He has three active skills and an Aura.

Azure Skills

Lunge [ATK]
Attacks 1 enemy 2 times. Places a [Stun] debuff for 1 turn if the target has an [Increase SPD] buff.
Damage based on: [ATK]
Level: 2 Damage +5%
Level: 3 Damage +5%
Level: 4 Damage +5%
Level: 5 Damage +10%
Level: 6 Damage +10%

Aegis (Cooldown: 6 turns)
Places a 50% [Ally Protection] buff on all allies except this Champion for 2 turns. Places a [Shield] buff on this Champion equal to 40% of this Champion’s MAX HP for 2 turns. This buff cannot be removed.
Level: 2 Cooldown -1
Level: 3 Cooldown -1

Coup de Grace [ATK][HP] (Cooldown: 5 turns)
Attacks 1 enemy. Places an extra hit if the target has a [Stun] debuff. The extra hit is always critical.
Damage based on: [ATK][HP]
Level: 2 Damage +5%
Level: 3 Damage +5%
Level: 4 Cooldown -1
Level: 5 Damage +10%
Level: 6 Damage +10%
Level: 7 Cooldown -1

Increases Ally HP in all Battles by 25%.

Azure Build – Gear

Azure Build – Masteries

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