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Kroos guide idle heroes


Faction: Abyss

Role: Priest

Kroos Review and Abilities


Weak Curse [ACTIVE]
Deals (150% of Attack) damage against 4 random enemies and Weakens (increases damage taken by 50%?) the targets for 3 round, increases 1 random ally’s Energy by 100.

Vicious Fire Perfusion [PASSIVE]
Basic Attack targets back-line enemies, deals 90% damage and reduces enemy armor by 15% for 3 rounds, heals 2 random allies for (20% of allies’ MAX HEALTH) HP.

Flame Power [PASSIVE]
Increases HP by 30%, Speed by 60, Reduce Damage by 20%.

Flame Invasion [PASSIVE]
While below 50% health, has a 75% chance to stun all enemies for 2 rounds (Can only be triggered once)

Kroos Guide